Impact Stories

Impact Stories

Year 2016

Making Cycling Safer

In India, there were many bicyclists that were getting seriously injured or sometimes fatal because of road accidents at evening or night time, as there were no high-quality bicycle reflectors available. Big OEMs were forced to import from China and Taiwan whereas small companies barely had any options of installing reflectors on bicycles for riders safety.


Big-Ben was the first company in India to start manufacturing of reflectors that met ISO 6742-2:2015 standard ‘Cycles – Lighting and retro-reflective devices’ as well as IS 10613 (2004): ‘Cycles – Safety requirements for bicycles’ from the Bureau of Indian Standards. 


By manufacturing high-quality reflectors locally, we have been able to supply to all sizes of bicycle manufacturing companies. Thus, more reflectors being installed by the bicycle companies, safer the bicycling becomes for a rider.

Year 1985

India's Problem with Spring Saddles and Big-Ben's Comfo Saddle



Spring saddles that were  being sold, in India,  for couple  decades had a major aftermarket complaint; which was loosening of the nuts and bolts of strings attached in the base. This will lead to uncomfort and sometimes causing injury to the rider thus making it less safer.


Then, Big-Ben took leadership and redesigned the saddle suspension base and structure. This lead to birth of a saddle B-25 which got widely popularly in India as “Comfo”, derived from being Comfortable; and become the highest selling saddle not only for Big-Ben but in entire India. Success was the proof of the genius design and hardwork. Till date, any bicycle shop accorss India can offer the same Big-Ben saddle by the name

Year 1995

Invention of Centre Grip Rubber Pedals



There was big problem in India with the rubber pedals being sold. Rubber would rotate from its original position and would cause foot slip of rider while pedaling which would cause injury. Bigben invented high grip and centre grip pedals to stop the movement of rubber.


This invention was successful that later the design of the pedal was replicated in the entire world and till date being sold in many countries as a favourite product.

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