• Manufacturing Production Engineer

    Plan and coordinate production engineering processes on daily basis to produce high quality products.

    Develop process improvements to effectively utilize equipment and materials to maximize production.

    Develop operational strategies to achieve production and financial objectives.

    Identify unsafe operations and practices and report the same to Manager immediately.

    Establish safety procedures and environmental regulations for employees.

  • Manager Stores

    Span of control 2-6

    ·     Ensure all materials are coming as per the purchase order.

    ·     Coordinate with Suppliers and Transport Companies to assure timely delivery.

    ·     Planning, coordinating and monitoring the receipt,disbursement and dispatch of goods.

    ·     Ensure FIFO and other store management tools are used in Stores.

    ·     Ensuring optimal space utilization and making sure quality of stacking, safety and environmental objectives are met in all stores.

    ·     Ensure that a balance of supplies between continuous demand and intermittent supply is maintained.

    ·     Ensure proper records of good received and issued are maintained in all stores.

    ·     Educate team to work on ERP to reduce Human error.

    ·     Compiles monthly stock reports of all Store and Ensure complete documentation and proper MIS and dashboards to share with                     management.

    ·      Ensuring 5 S is maintained and Training of workers on fire fighting and first Aid are conducted regularly.

    ·      Ensuring optimal stock levels are maintained in all Stores.

    ·       Be part of raw materials cost optimization team and ensure store play significant role in project with maximum cost saving.

    ·       Inform the purchase department well in advance about the items that reach the re- order level to order from supplies.

    ·       Periodically review physical inventories of all stores.

    ·       Keeping stock control systems up to date and making sure inventories are accurate

  • Head Design & Development and Tool Room

            Span of control 3-6

    ·        Responsible for all aspects of in house tool design & development and testing activities to ensure the business objectives are met as per the customer specifications and standards.

    ·        Work very closely with Sales & Marketing team to understand the current and futuristic market trends, OEM customer product launch strategies or they need any different products which can make spark in market and give better revenues to organization.

    ·        Study customer RFQs and responsible for new product design, evaluation and prototyping based non customer requirement and RFQs

    ·        Bring new technical design software and tools which enable Big Ben to be competitive in market, cater to customer new design requirements, and improve the accuracy of designing with better product finishing in terms of aesthetics, quality and durability of products.

    ·        Work continuously on design modification on existing products as per the customer and market feedback to improve product                     quality,reduce cost of production and durability of products

  • Manager Purchase

    Span of control 2-3

    ·        Make ensure all required materials are coming from suppliers on time as per the PPC materials requirements, as per the quality                standard and products specification and there are no production loss due to unavailability of required materials

    ·        Develop desired performance norms and service level agreements with the supplier base and constantly review their performance and take proactive action in case there are any issues

    ·       Meet with suppliers to discuss performance metrics, to provide performance feedback, or to discuss production forecasts or changes.

    ·        Implement new or improved supply chain processes and imposed penalty on suppliers in case there are delay in delivery or poor              quality of raw materials

    ·        Responsible for management reporting pertaining to Purchase operations

             Work on automation of Supply chain processes and ensure all BOM are entered properly in ERP. All demands and purchase                      orders are generated through ERP